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In today’s busy world, parents often need a helping hand to teach their children about the Bible. So in 2014, we went ahead and created the world’s first FREE discipleship bible story app – a fun discipleship tool to help parents teach their children God’s truth, not tradition.

Since then, we’ve continued to add more Bible stories and free downloadable resources to help parents and teachers. All our bible stories are fully illustrated and come packed with fun facts and fascinating archaeological, historical, and cultural discoveries. We’ve worked hard to ensure the stories and information are historically, culturally, and biblically accurate.

This is where YOU can help. We’re passionate about offering our Bible storybook app and printable resources to families around the world for FREE. Your financial support provides funding for further app development, translation projects, and the creation and upload of more Bible stories and discipleship materials. 100% of donations goes towards creating these resources – nothing is taken out for admin expenses or overheads.

Since 2014, our free app has been downloaded in more than 130 countries. Best of all, we’ve been able to provide materials to childrens’ ministries in countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh, Cambodia, and Uganda. All these resources have been given free of charge.

If you feel led to support our ministry, please do. Your generosity helps meet the costs of Bible Pathway Adventures, and makes outreach efforts possible.