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Each Teacher Pack includes an illustrated bible story, a set of easy-to-use lesson plans, coloring pages, and a plain text Bible story. Heading away on missions? Want to learn a foreign language? Remember to browse through our languages section to see what’s available in Chinese, Spanish, Tagalog, Swahili, Hindi, Bangla, Portuguese, Bahasa Indonesia, German and French. Click Choose an Adventure to find a story or Teacher Pack you want to download. Or select Languages in the menu bar above to read a Bible story in your own language. 

Our FREE Teacher Packs Include:
  • Illustrated story e-Book
  • Printable coloring pages
  • Teacher lesson plans
  • Story (text only)

Support Bible Pathway Adventures and buy our printable Activity Books on Etsy. Every book purchased helps us continue our work providing free discipleship resources and teachings to families around the world. This beautifully designed 61-page printable Jonah Activity Book is a wonderful way to help children learn the foundation of our faith. Perfect for homeschoolers, Sunday and Shabbat School teachers, and parents. Click the book cover to preview and buy on our Etsy store KidsBibleClassroom today. Instant download! Activity Book includes:

  • 17-page Bible story
  • Read ‘n Learn activities
  • Five detailed lesson plans
  • Bible Verse copy work
  • History fact sheet activities
  • Bible coloring pages
  • Creative writing and comprehension activities
  • A Bible Craft
  • Word scramble & word search puzzles
  • Bible quizzes & crosswords
  • Word match activity
  • Bible journal activity
  • Storyboard drawing activities
  • Plus a bonus 18-page story illustration pdf