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Based on stories from the Bible, each Teacher Pack includes a set of lesson plans, story illustrations (powerpoint and pdf files), coloring pages, and an illustrated Bible story. Want to help your child learn a foreign language?Heading away on missions? Remember to browse through our foreign languages section to see what’s available in Chinese, Spanish, Tagalog, Swahili, Hindi, Bangla, Portuguese, Bahasa Indonesia, German and French. Select the Stories tab in the navigation bar or click the Choose an Adventure button below to find a story you want to read. 

Please share our Teacher Packs freely with your family and friends.  These valuable resources are available to download for FREE.  Send us a note and let us know how you’re using the Teacher Packs to teach your children more about the Bible. We’d love to hear from you!

Our FREE Teacher Packs Include:
  • Illustrated story e-Book
  • Printable coloring pages
  • Teacher lesson plans
  • Story illustrations (PowerPoint)
  • Story illustrations (PDF)
  • Story (text only)

Choose an Adventure and get started now.  View all our teaching materials in one convenient place. From lesson plans to coloring pages to illustrations to stories, it’s all FREE to download. And don’t forget – hearing Bible stories aloud brings the Bible to life for both children and adults. All our Bible stories are wonderfully narrated by audio producer extraordinaire, Troy W. Hudson. Perfect for bedtime or entertaining little people on long car rides.